93rd Naval Construction Battalion

June 10, 1944: (Green Islands) 5 die in dynamite blast 
Frank Sanchez 
Mancel William Simmons 
Joseph Henry Sowa 
John Dalton (David John) Walters 1*
Andrew Zorn *

Nov. 26, 1944: (San Antonio, Samar) 
Charles Lawrence Curtis: struck by stray enemy shell 

April 11, 1945: (Guiuan, Philippines) 
Donald Edward Shackelford: killed in Himy crew blasting in Philippines 

Many of those who were buried on the remote Pacific Islands were later transferred to Punchbowl National Cemetery in Hawaii.  A Seabee Memorial is currently being planned for the cemetery.
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1. The Roster in the 93rd's cruise book, Pacific Duty. lists John Dalton Walters. However the Memorial page has David John Walters.  

2. Andrew Zorn is listed on the Memorial page. The photo of his grave from Sam Lindberg clearly shows 10-6-44.  A geneology website for his family gives the Philippines as his place of death, however the 93rd was still on Nissan in late November.