Memoirs of the 93rd Seabees

93rd Naval Construction Battalion: Battalion Roster
Pacific Duty:  Book or CD ROM
93rd Seabees Video/DVD


 Training  Banika, Russell Islands  Nissan, Green Islands Samar: San Antonio--Guiuan



Men included in other documents: U.S. Archives photos, Conner Diary, Letters, and Illustrations

Beccard, Gregory: A Great-granddaughter remembers
enlarge photo to see Easter sunrise service on Green Island

Chutz, Wayne J.: Memoirs

Cobb, Albert (Al): The 93rd Seabees moviemaker

Collins, Harold (Bud): Truck driver

 Oral History:
Nimitz Museum of The Pacific War


Conner, Robert W.:
Diary, Letters, Photos
Interview at Nimitz Museum of The Pacific War

Corcoran, Joe R.: profile by the Kansas Post

Curtis, Charles Lawrence: Bud Collins remembers his death

 Dinlocker, Charles A.: Battalion artist 
Battalion Insignia: Hollywood and Vine, Green Islands;
and Mural: Chapel by the Sea, Guiuan

Erickson, Earl O.: Obituary

Fay, James C.: Bob Conner's tentmate, friend and fellow explorer, and colleague in supply.  He is a major figure in Bob's Diary and photos.

Hagar, Guy: Newspaper interview

Hewitt, Carroll Banks: Obituary

Horrell, Edward Allen

Kriese, Ralph E.: photos
 set 1, set 2, set 3

LYNN, COMMANDER HAROLD F. ;  93rd NCB Papers: 1943-1945: 3 boxes
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-6010

Photographs and memorabilia, relating to the activities of the 93rd U.S. Naval Construction Battalion.
Includes a time studies report on construction operations.

( is eager to find someone who can visit and report to us on the contents of these boxes.)


Lindberg, Sam: Rode shotgun on a D-8 caterpillar, and directed trucks to load and unload.  Photos: from his son, Gary Lindberg

Marchetti, Marco: Three interviews with (Bedford, IN) TIMES-MAIL

Morris, Virgil Wayne: Obituary

Nemoede, Hans AlbertArchitect, Friend of Bob Conner.  Major figure in Bob's Diary, Letters, and photos.

Pegors, Serenus C.: Reunion with son in Pacific

93rd men with sons in service

Ragsdale, Bill: memoirs and photos

Rahnefeld, Philip August  Oral History compilation

Robinson, Donald Lee: Memento found in Samar, please contact webmaster

Seigfried, Dale: Oral History compilation


Stevens, Jack: 
Photos and section from Conner Diary

Streitmarter, John Peter: Obituary

Thomas, John Scott: Artist 
Portfolio of scenes of life in the 93rd
Thomas, Richard: stories from his son, Rick         

Timmons, Floyd M. Obituary"> - 5

Watson, Warren: Photos and memorabilia from his daughters.  Ramblin' companion of Bob Conner and shared the woe of married enlisted men in the military, Bob Conner's Diary, Letters, and Photos
Wingen, Ernest W.: Memoirs
Oral History given at the Nimitz Museum of the Pacific War
Oral History given for South Dakota WWII project

Williams, Sam Robert "Sam Bob:" Memoir

Zorn, Jr., Andrew: Died on Green Island: , Grave in Sam Lindberg photos
Bob Conner's Diary          Pacific Duty Account

Ninety-Third Seabees on Nissan Island 
US Archives Photos

The 93rd Seabees Land in Green Islands and
on The New York Times Magazine Cover

 Close up

Chapel-by-The-Sea, Constructed by 93rd Seabees and Filipinos; Guiuan, Samar Philippines. Destroyed in Typhoon Agnes, 1984.  We have been unable to locate a good, preferably color, image of the Chapel Mural and would be most grateful for a clear representation of this very significant statement of affection between the Seabees and Filipinos.
Noumea (Nickel Harbor) Explosion (Nov. 1, 1943):
viewed from outside the harbor by 93rd Seabees on USS Perida,
Dockside view from the USS Cassiopeia.
Mystery of the Officers' Liquor: The Cape Johnson and Commander L.C. Farley  
Crime and Punishment in the 93rd

Washing Machine Charlie
The flying dischordant Maytag with bombs 



"Special" Seabees:
Color blindness and flat feet welcome in the Bees

PacificDuty_ Cruise Book of the 93rd
Hard to read newspaper clippings

Souvenir Making:  A great Seabee tradition

SHIPS transporting the 93rd Seabees

The Battalion traveled together from Hueneme to Banika and Green to the Philippines. The voyages to Green and from San Antonio to Guiuan were in echelons, and the 93rd straggled home. . . one by one . . .on anything with a space.  Bob Conner recounts his journeys on Perida, LST 220, Cape Johnson, and Arthur Middleton.

USS Perida
(Hueneme, CA, USA to Banika, Russel Islands)

LST 220  and others (Banika to Nissan, Green Islands) (Profiles of all WWII LSTs)

USAT Cape Johnson (Nissan to Philippines)

USS Arthur Middleton (Samar to Portland, arr 10/21/45)

Click photo to enlarge and note white capped figures on deck

USS Middlemas (93rd Equipment and small contingent of men, (Nissan to Philippines),

USAT Shawnee (Philippines to USA (arr 11/14/45)

Scuttlebutt or news, the Bees are confused

Scuttlebutt, the primary source of relevant information in the military, was augmented by a plethora of  newspapers at all levels of command, location, credibility, and relevance.  The New York Times had credibility, but it didn't give the odds on where you would be next week.  Penny Hoffman provided this enlightening collection of vintage papers, including the final issue of SEABEES with the histories of all the Seabee Battalions..