Andrew Zorn,Jr., 93rd NCB

In Memoriam  June 10, 1944

On June 10, 1944, five members of the 93rd Seabees were killed by an accidental dynamite blast.  One was Andrew Zorn, Jr.  Bob Conner had known him and was charged with gathering the effects of the five men for return to their families.  The men were buried in the cemetery in the Green Islands.

A website for Zorn's family lists his place of death as the Philippines, however the 93rd Seabees did not reach the Philippines until mid-November. The photo of his grave was contributed by Gary Lindberg, son of Sam Lindberg.

The marker appears to be inscribed

top: USAF (U.S. Armed Forces?), several lines of small print
across: Zorn's CB Serial Number, Rank, and Name
           93rd USNCB
bottom: more illegible printing, then 10-6-44 (10 June 1944)
            an apparent torpedo

Any clarification would be appreciated.  Following the war, many impromptu graves and cemeteries, including some 143 Seabees, were transferred to Hawaii.  The remote, primitive, and shallow Green Islands cemetery was likely among those moved.