Seabee Newspapers and Overseas edition of the New York Times

The primary source of relevant news (read hopes for R & R and discharge, impending battalion moves, and promotions) for WWII Seabees was - - Scuttlebutt.  It was a cheap and flourishing information source and as democratic as today's blogs.  And about as reliable.

The Navy, Seabee bases, and individual battalions attempted to collate reliable, if less fulfilling, information, events and entertainment into periodicals.

Camp Peary was covered by BEE-LINES, while BULLDOZER was published at Camp Endicott in Davisville, RI, COVERALL served Hueneme's Camp Rousseau, and SEABEE was the overseas news source, containing the Overseas Edition of the New York Times as well as Seabee news.

The October 10, 1945 Commemorative edition of Seabee lists all Seabee battalions and their locations throughout the war. The August 29 issue shows where they were at the end of the war.

We are most grateful to Penny Hoffman of Huntington Beach, CA for the newspapers below:.

Seabees Newspapers

Seabees Coverall, March 23, 1944 (Camp Rousseau, CA)
Seabees Coverall, April 6, 1944
The Bulldozer, November 18, 1943 (Camp Endicott, RI)
The Bulldozer, December 2, 1943
Sea Bee (newspaper) August 29, 1945 (OverseasSeabees)
Sea Bee (newspaper) October 10, 1945

NEW YORK TIMES, August 26, 1945 (Overseas Edition)