Larry Katz, VP101/VPB29


Captions for Larry Katz's photos and logbook

PBY5 This is a picture of what our planes looked like. I flew in them for nearly 2700 hours. This is a PBY 5. It took off only in water. We also had a PBY5A which was Amphibious, they took off in water and land.....When we wanted it up on land, we had a beaching crew who went out in the water with wheels that could attach to our planes, and then the tractors would pull them up to the ramp and onto the beach.

PBY5A Here is a PBY5A Catalina that could land on both water and land. The wheels can be pulled into the body when the plane took off. 0839Catalina

Babb,2nd radio,Lankford,Our PPC This was taken on Green Island. Short man, Babb, is my second radioman, Lankford the tall one was our Pilot. We were pulling a plane check on Green.

JOEY, ME , AND NICK..JOE SOMMERS WAS THE BEHEADED ON This is a very interesting picture. It was taken just before we left Carins, in Australia to go to our base called Palm Island. One side of the island was a Leper Colony, and we had our planes on the other side. Palm Island was off Carins: we went there to repair our planes. The reason that it is an interesting picture it was taken just before we left Palm for Green Island. The young man called Joey was a very dear friend of both myself (which is me in the middle) and Nick on the right. All three of us were from the East Coast. Joey was from New Jersey and Nick and myself were from Brooklyn. When we got back to Green Island after pulling a short term of duty, Nick left for the states and Joey and I remained. Right after that, Joey was shot down with his crew, captured and then beheaded.....What I started to say from the beginning was that the boat we left Carins in was a PT Boat....

LARRY ON ENGINE, GREEN ISLAND. 1944 This a picture of me on one of the engines while at Green Island. We were in that area in 1943 while on our first tour of duty in Port Moresby, flying over the Owen Stanley Range to bring in Australian Commandoes and New Guinea Islanders who did spotting for the allied forces. Larry

LOG BOOK PAGE 1. JUNE 1944   Thought you both would enjoys this copy of my log book during our tour of duty at Greeen.  After Sept. 1944, we were getting ready for the Philippine invasion and to go home at the end of Nov. 44 after leaving Brooklyn, N.Y. in January 1941


LOG BOOK PAGE 4. SEPT. 1944  Last page,leaving soon for home.