Warren R. Watson

Warren R. Watson of the 93rd Seabees was a friend of Bob Conner and is mentioned in Bob's Diary on the following dates.  (6/8/43, 6/9, 8/19, 11/24, 3/19/44, 3/26, 5/20/45).  Certainly the most poignant reference and most representative of the indignity of service life for married, middle-aged men is the excerpt below.  (The "guest house" mentioned provided a cozy setting on the base where men and their wives - generally visiting from some distance - could chat, listen to music, and perhaps play bridge.)

Watson and Conner later enjoyed a measure of liberty roaming the remarkable terrain of their Pacific islands.

"Bob Conner, High Point, NC" is penciled in at the bottom of the left page

From "My Daze:"  Bob Conner's WWII Diary:  While stationed at Camp Endicott, Davisville, RI., Bob has enjoyed a weekend with his wife, Lib, in New York and is on his way back to camp.,

  .  .  .  After riding on several subs I managed to reach Grand Central an hour and a quarter before train time. They would not let me on the train I had expected to catch, so got on another one which left at the same time but arrived in Providence a half hour later.

6/7. Mon. Fell asleep on the train as soon as I sat down. Train was a half hour late which gave us only a half hour to get to camp. Three of us tried to hire a cab to bring us out but were turned down so we got in a two block long line for the bus. Waited for three quarters of an hour before we could get on a bus. Arrived in camp 50 minutes late. There were about ten of us from the 93rd in the group. We were told at the gate to wait for an escort from the O.D.ís office. From the way the O.D. acted when we arrived, I think we will get out of being late OK. Started the morning off with a lecture on extended order. After that we went out in the field to practice extended order. Started out on the same thing this afternoon but were forced into a drill hall by the rain. Spent this evening washing some clothes. Watson and I are both expecting our wives on Friday, so are still worried about having been late this morning.

6/8. Tues. Spent the whole day on KP. The worst came this afternoon. Had to go before our Commander because of yesterday morning. Intended washing my dress blues but had to wear them. I ended up being spokesman for our group. We were all given 10 daysí restrictions which means we have to check in at the M.A.A.ís office 4 times a day and miss two 12 hour liberties. Watson and I are sick over it. Wrote Lib about the situation. Saw the Chief M.A.A., Bumguard, to see if something could be done. He is going to try to get one of our liberties back for the two of us. Really feel low tonight.  

6/9. Wed. Back on extended order again today. Sure did not feel like doing anything this morning. Went up to see Chief Bumguard at noon with Watson. Watson will get his Friday leave and I will get my Thursday (6/17) one. Chief can really ask me to do anything and it will be done. Felt a lot more like working this afternoon. Had to go to a lecture this evening and then caught up a bit on my correspondence.

6/10. Thurs. Another lecture this morning followed by extended order again. Worked on a field problem this afternoon. Really cleaned up tonight. Pressed all my blues and washed everything that was dirty. Had a blackout at 9:00.

6/11. Fri. More KP today. This is our liberty night so we got off at 1:30. Received a wire from Lib that she was on her way this noon. Spent the afternoon writing letters and getting cleaned up. Met Lib at the gate tonight. We both arrived there at about the same time. The guest house at the gate is really a popular place. Men and their wives were all over the place even sitting on the floor. Lib is staying in a cabin just the other side of East Greenwich. We had to part at 9:45 so she could catch a bus back. It is a nice feeling.

6/12. Sat. More KP again today. Pressed my whites during my two rest periods to get them ready should I want to use them all of a sudden. Managed to get out of the mess hall a little bit early tonight so I could get down to the gate to see Lib. Saturday and Sunday nights wives can come in to go to the show. We had a usual Navy line to stand in to get the proper credentials for admittance. Arrived at the show ten minutes late and had to sit on the very front row. Stopped at the mess hall on the way back to the gate and managed to get a piece of cake.

6/13. Sun. Almost forgot to report at 07:00 this morning. Spent the morning loafing and listening to a rendition of the articles for the Government of the Navy. Was able to get all my shoes cleaned up at that time. Messed around this afternoon. Lib and I went to another show tonight. She is getting a full taste of Navy lines now. Had to stand for an hour and a half to get into the show.  

6/14. Mon. This week we go out on work parties. Got on a detail today that did not have to do too much work. Moved cans of oil in the morning and shoes in the afternoon. A plane carrying depth charges crashed on an ammunition dump at Quonset this afternoon. The explosion really shook the place. Spent this evening with Lib again.

6/15. Tues. Managed to get a fairly easy detail this morning. Had to clean up A-B recreation hall which was done fairly quick and permitted time to play a few games of checkers and dominoes. In the afternoon 4 of us were sent out to repair some roads in one of the other areas. Met Lib at the gate again tonight. The Guest House was really bulging with people tonight.

The 'Bees sent colorful Christmas cards from the islands.  
Watson's daughter Elaine, who provided the photos and card, holds a 93rd Seabees campaign shirt.