Serenus C. Pegors, 93rd NCB

 (From Rick Thomas)

  "One of the Seabees Iíve met at the reunions is John Pegors. His father Sam Pegors felt cheated at not being able to serve overseas in WWI, so when WWII came along he enlisted in the Seabees and was assigned to the 93rd Battalion. He was in his late 40s. His son John, 18, also joined the Seabees and was assigned to another Battalion. While the 93rd was sailing from Nissan to Samar, they stopped in New Hollandia and were allowed to go ashore. Sam and John ran into each other and the meeting was so emotional that many men in the 93rd remember it."

Bob Conner notes a similar episode in his Diary an island earlier.  Given the age of many Seabees, it is entirely possible that there were two such reunions.

 Account in Bob Conner's Diary

10/28. Sat.  Woke up this morning to find we were pulling into the harbor of Manus Island of the Admiralties and the headquarters of the 7th Fleet.  Our ship was certainly not alone for there were a few of most everything in the harbor.  Expect to spend two days here.  Officers and C.P.O.s as usual were permitted to go ashore.  One of our boys (Sam Pagors*) learned that his son was aboard another ship here.  The two had not seen each other in two years.  Arrangements were made for the boy to come here and there was quite a reunion.  We took on a few supplies this afternoon and of course I got on an unloading detail.  It was not so bad for every time we made a trip into the refer we got an orange and they were really good.  The shore was certainly lit up tonight.  Looked more like Coney Island than a war zone.

10/29. Sun.  Another day at Manus.  Everyone seems to be a bit drowsy today.  Donít know whether it is the Sunday Influence or the chicken dinner.  This has been a somewhat nicer day than yesterday.  The anchor was pulled in at 5 this afternoon and we started off again.  Pretty sunset over Los Negros this evening.

10/30.  Mon.  Very little land in sight today.  Expect to reach Hollandia in New Guinea in the morning.  Beyond our arrival we know nothing.  If we go further we all hope it will be on this ship for we are certainly enjoying the meals.

10/31. Tues.  Pulled into Hollandia, Humbolt Bay in Dutch New Guinea this morning.  The harbor is quite a natural spot and is certainly being put to use, for I would hate to hazard an estimate on the number of ships here.  It puts Manus to shame.  I doubt if we will get off here but where the spot will be we still have not been told.  Quite a bit of mail came aboard for us this afternoon which will be distributed in the morning.  There are some huge mountains around this place, tops covered with clouds and rising directly from the ocean.

11/1. Wed.  It looks as though we will be here for several days.  And while we sit here in the harbor the officers come and go as they please.  Received some mail tonight which was most welcome.  Saw a movie topside which provided a few laughs.