Albert Hans Nemoede


Albert H. Nemoede was a popular member of the 93rd and one of its few architects.  He had graduated from the University of Illinois's School of Architecture in 1941, and almost immediately found himself in the 93rd Seabees.

The Battalion assigned him to the supply dept with Bob, where he designed post-war homes for his comrades by night.  He was accepted in Officer's Candidate School at U Penn and after several telling attempts, departed the Green Islands by SCAT on Sept 9, 1944.  He did not complete officers training, but returned to Chicago where he practiced architecture.  He also taught at Wright City College from 1950-1986.  He was a life-long animal lover and his annual Christmas cards to the Conners were full of animal news. His life-long friend, Alan C. Hultman, handled Mr. Nemoede's estate  He died following a fall on March 13, 1991

Mr. Hultman's address is as follows: Hultman and Johnson, 5111 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515. Phone: 708-968-5112.  We are pleased to say that he very considerately remembered Ricker Library in his estate.