Charles A. Dinlocker and John Scott Thomas

Charles A. Dinlocker and John Scott Thomas were the Battalion artists. 

Thomas's sketches chronicled the images and activities of the 93rd and the lives of the native peoples.  He was a prolific worker and apparently gave most of his works away.  After the war, members of the 93rd received the portfolios reproduced here with a collection of his pictures.

Dinlocker was the cartoonist, creator of the Battalion insignia.  In Guiuan, he is remembered for the mural in the Chapel by the Sea, a paean to the affection and cooperation uniting the people of the Philippines with the Americans. His most famous work was the ingenious intersection of Hollywood and Vine, the signature landmark of the Green Islands, and photo opportunity for residents and visitors

Dinlocker became a commercial artist.  He died in Florida.   Thomas died on the Outer Banks, NC.