Guiuan, Samar, The Philippines

Constructed by the 93rd Seabees and their Filipino friends
in honor of their friendship and as a lasting gift to the people of Guiuan

Dedicated Sunday, March 25, 1945

Chapel designed by B.R.Wetering:
Architecture: Mission style -
- trusses from an abandoned native constructed warehouse
- large mahogany timbers which form the columns, purlings and general structure came from a nearby island where they had washed ashore
- bell from abandoned Church of San Rocque
- windows, altar rail, altar, and pulpit are all evidence of Filipino craftsmanship
- Seabee ingenuity produced the lighting fixtures, door plates and handles

Mural by Charles Dinlocker: Portrayal of the universal appeal of the Eternal Christian truth to the hearts of men amidst even the exigencies produced by war.

* * *

Gary Lindberg, son of Sam Lindberg of the 93rd NCB, visited Guiuan in 2002 and was taken to the site of the seaside Chapel. His hosts told him that the Chapel was destroyed by Typhoon Agnes in the mid-1980s. 
More photos of the Chapel and the inside of te program are in Bob Conner's photos.