Albert (Al) Cobb, 93rd Seabees 
Video/DVD for sale

Al Cobb's movie camera recorded the 93rd Seabees on the sea and landing, clearing roads and constructing air fields.  It also filmed the relocation of the Green Islands natives.  But alas the camera was in a bad mood the day Bob Conner and his cronies recruited Cobb for a beach shoot. (below)

Cobb's family has made available a 41 minute collection of scenes of the 93rd Seabees, available in Video or DVD for $4 (just the cost of shipping), with the proviso that it not be used or sold for profit.

Send $4 per copy, indicate whether video or DVD, to

Tony Goren
Bluegrass Video
311 N. Evergreen Rd
Louisville, KY 40243

 bluegrass2005 (AT)

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Exerpt from the daily diary of Robert W. Conner

!944:  Nissan Island, Green Islands, Just off the Equator

9/2. Sat. This has really been a pretty day. Hope tomorrow is the same so that my movies can be made. Went to see As Thousands Cheer. Very good.
9/3. Sun. This started out to be a pretty day but that was as far as it went. Moede, Fay, Cobb* and I went to the ocean to take some movies. After trying for an hour we had to give up. The film was stuck. We were caught in a pouring down rain before we got back. Had a swell roast beef dinner this noon. Read all afternoon and went to see The Song of Bernadette this evening.