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The Hat still fits

Among the apprehensive arrivals at Camp Peary was Robert W. Conner, an aspiring engineer. Nearly 30, recently married, and rejected by the Army for "flat feet," he was nevertheless welcomed by the Seabees who kept him for two and a half years. At the time, the daily diary he kept could have gotten him court-martialed and his encoded letters to his wife, Lib, could have baffled a scrupulous censor. But today we are grateful for his record of the grinding day-to-day story lived by thousands of "old men" in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who left families and skilled jobs to put their strength and talents to the task of creating the infrastructure of the war in the Pacific.

Bob Conner's Written History


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Oral History: Nimitz Museum, Fredericksburg, TX

Bob's Code Map and Letters

Lib Conner on Pearl Harbor and 9/11
Greensboro Daily News and Record, Dec. 2, 2001

Bob's Photos, documents, mementos

Photos and Illustrations Keyed to Diary and Letters     

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Camp Endicott intro
NCB Rating Book 
Camp Scenes 
Bob and friends 
Bob's Navy Documents
Green Island scenes and natives 
Samar scenes and natives
Bob's Fall 1943 War Map
Pidjin 4 Seabees

Diary and Letters in PDF Format

Download Diary Introduction (Introduction.pdf)     

Download Diary Volume 1 (DiaryVolume1.pdf)
March - Nov. 16, 1943: Camps Peary, Endicott, Parks, Hueneme; Perida; arrival on Banika.

Download Diary Volume 2 (DiaryVolume2.pdf)
Nov. 17, 1943 - Dec. 12, 1944: Banika, Nissan, 
Cape Johnson, arrival at San Antonio.

Download Diary Volume 3 (DiaryVolume3.pdf)
Dec. 13, 1944 - Oct. 31, 1945: San Antonio, Guiuan, Arthur Middleton, Portland, Discharge from Camp Shelton.

Download Letters (Letters.pdf)
March 1943-October 1945

Download Appendix  (Appendix.pdf)
Explanatory footnotes and annotations for Diary and Letters


The journal and letters on this site were written by Bob Conner. The illustrations and photos are from his WWII collection of mementoes. His daughter, Susan, has compiled and edited these and the other materials on the site.

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