Scenes and Natives of Samar, the Philippines

cathedral-broad view.jpg
cathedral-broad view
Cathedral-Sts Peter and Paul Doors cathedral.jpg
Cathedral-Sts Peter and Paul Doors cathedral
Cathedral of Immaculate Conception_Guiuan.jpg
Cathedral of Immaculate Conception_Guiuan
filipina dancers standing.jpg
filipina dancers standing
Filipino payday.jpg
Filipino payday
Guiuan money.jpg
Guiuan money
Guiuan street.JPG
Guiuan street
Guiuan street scene.jpg
Guiuan street scene
Man on rock.jpg
Man on rock
Officer and filippino.jpg
Officer and filippino
PI Baby walking.jpg
PI Baby walking
PI Barber.jpg
PI Barber
PI Bundle on head.jpg
PI Bundle on head
PI Cathedral.jpg
PI Cathedral
PI Child on boat.jpg
PI Child on boat
PI Elderly woman.jpg
PI Elderly woman
PI Girl in water.jpg
PI Girl in water
PI Girl on rock.jpg
PI Girl on rock
PI Girl with comb.jpg
PI Girl with comb
PI Girl with hat.jpg
PI Girl with hat
PI Home construction.jpg
PI Home construction
PI Home on water.jpg
PI Home on water
PI house with balcony.jpg
PI house with balcony
PI iron work.jpg
PI iron work
PI Line of girls.jpg
PI Line of girls
PI Man cooking.jpg
PI Man cooking
PI Men-caribu-boat.jpg
PI Men-caribu-boat
PI Men in workshop.jpg
PI Men in workshop
PI Men with caribu.jpg
PI Men with caribu
PI Officers club.psd.jpg
PI Officers club.psd
PI ox at boat.psd.jpg
PI ox at boat.psd
PI ox on leash.psd.jpg
PI ox on leash.psd
PI Philippine gothic.psd.jpg
PI Philippine gothic.psd
PI School is out.psd.jpg
PI School is out.psd
PI Two girls sitting.psd.jpg
PI Two girls sitting.psd
PI Two women in boat.psd.jpg
PI Two women in boat.psd
PI Village people.psd.jpg
PI Village people.psd
PI Village scene.psd.jpg
PI Village scene.psd
PI waterfall.psd.jpg
PI waterfall.psd
PI Wedding couple.psd.jpg
PI Wedding couple.psd
PI Woman-basket on head.psd.jpg
PI Woman-basket on head.psd
PI Woman cooking.psd.jpg
PI Woman cooking.psd
PI Woman in village.psd.jpg
PI Woman in village.psd
PI Woman with baby.psd.jpg
PI Woman with baby.psd
PI Women disembarking.psd.jpg
PI Women disembarking.psd

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