Bob Conner and friends in 93rd Seabees

1 Man on rock.jpg
1 Man on rock
2 Officers.jpg
2 Officers
A Formal Portrait.jpg
A Formal Portrait
Autograph Bob.jpg
Autograph Bob
BC Moede-Bob supply tent.psd.jpg
BC Moede-Bob supply tent.psd
BC Monkey-shave.psd.jpg
BC Monkey-shave.psd
BC New Uni.jpg
BC New Uni
Beside cliff.jpg
Beside cliff
Bob, Fay, Moede.jpg
Bob, Fay, Moede
Bob and Fay-Hollywood and vine.gif.jpg
Bob and Fay-Hollywood and vine.gif
Bob and Fay at Home.jpg
Bob and Fay at Home
Bob and Mother-Helen Bertles Conner.jpg
Bob and Mother-Helen Bertles Conner
Bob and tribe.jpg
Bob and tribe
Bob and Watson under rock.jpg
Bob and Watson under rock
Bob at Shovelboard.jpg
Bob at Shovelboard
Bob at tent.jpg
Bob at tent
Bob dressed up.jpg
Bob dressed up
Bob in Dump.jpg
Bob in Dump
Bob in Eden.jpg
Bob in Eden
Bob looking cool.jpg
Bob looking cool
Bob looks sharper.jpg
Bob looks sharper
Bob Minor-Conner baby.jpg
Bob Minor-Conner baby
Bob Minor-Conner swim.jpg
Bob Minor-Conner swim
bob on table .jpg
bob on table
Bob plus 4.jpg
Bob plus 4
Bob rowing.jpg
Bob rowing
Bob with monkey.jpg
Bob with monkey
Duffy singalong.jpg
Duffy singalong
Duffys Tavern.jpg
Duffys Tavern
duo copy 4.jpg
duo copy 4
Dyno trio.jpg
Dyno trio
Fay, Moede, Bob with wheel.jpg
Fay, Moede, Bob with wheel
Fay with face in greener.jpg
Fay with face in greener
Grass skirt made by Bob.jpg
Grass skirt made by Bob
GSK Dump crew.jpg
GSK Dump crew
Moede, Fay, Bob on Jeep.jpg
Moede, Fay, Bob on Jeep
Moede-Notre Dame.jpg
Moede-Notre Dame
Moede at Owl.jpg
Moede at Owl
Moede on Banika tree.jpg
Moede on Banika tree
Moede shopping at GSK.jpg
Moede shopping at GSK
Monkey eating shaving cream.jpg
Monkey eating shaving cream
My Daze.jpg
My Daze
pondering at Yellowstone-72.jpg
pondering at Yellowstone-72
sailor insigniae.jpg
sailor insigniae
Stone men.jpg
Stone men
Sunrise service-Nissan Easter 1944.jpg
Sunrise service-Nissan Easter 1944
take 5.jpg
take 5

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